Its just the way things are


Sometimes, things don’t go the we way want them to. Sometimes we can fight it, and achieve what needs to be done, but other times, a greater power outside of ourselves exists effecting the circumstances in our life.

Can we control it? Not exactly. Can we live in harmony with it? Yes. Is it okay to feel sad, impatient, or dissapointed? Of Course!

We can make friends, make peace with it. Trust its process. There is an ebb and flow to life… a natural evolution that can’t be rushed.

When you plant a garden, you can fertilize the soil, take care of the weeds, and make sure there is enough water. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t make the process go any faster than it is naturally supposed to. Nature, the universe, has its way, and so do we.

We can accomplish a lot on our own, but we can accomplish far greater things with the aid of the universe, and the universe will aid us when the time is right. The ego desires things instantly, where as the higher self has a relaxed knowing that things come as they will, and that those things will end up working out for the better.

It doesn’t mean to sit back and do nothing, but it means doing nothing to rush it, but acting in accordance with the times. This is the tao, the way. The action of non-action. You will know when to act, it will just happen.

As we work through our roadblocks, unfulfilled desires, and challenges, through the release of their unconscious bind and enantiodromia we become increasingly more conscious of a deep connection and relationship between our higher self, and the universe, and the ease and flow of fulfillment and its respective joy.


Slaying the Dragon


True difficulty is a son of a bitch. It can suck the spirit of life right out of you, paralyze your advances, and hold you hostage in the prison of loathing. No matter how established you are in a positive state of attraction, difficulty can hide in a dark corner unbeknownst to you, mustering a sequence of events that plunders your meticulously assembled plans with swift and unanticipated attacks. Difficulty is a monster of great power that even the most highly ascended angelic beings would struggle to tame.

Life could be easy. You could put aside the weight on your shoulders and take the easy path as you relax into the comfortable couch of complacency. But, your unfulfilled desires are deeply embedded like the roots of your soul that have existed since the beginning of time. Your true desires vibrate through your bones, blood, and nerves, calling out to you in the subtleties of your thoughts, feelings, and actions with a desperate yearning for realization. Its as if your karma has an elastic cord that you can only walk so far away from until it retracts and snaps you right back to where you started to face an unresolved road block on the path of your destiny.

These challenges aren’t just random shitty things that are out of your control. They are paradoxically designed to propel you forward when they are deciphered and unlocked. They are the guardians of the biblical doors that contain wondrous treasures and invaluable boons. The largest rewards require the largest challenges. Your personal dominance of seemingly insurmountable difficulties temper you into a hardened and effective blade. Your failures materialize into a highly durable plate of armor when you endure and carry on even when you have given up inside. With true and virtuous determination we can eventually receive the sought after and well deserved reward. We experience a beautiful shift, a new level, and the fully enjoyable tension and release of dipping your body in a hot bath of sun kissed divine bliss after an endless battle in the cold and dark corridors of hell. Sometimes we can only celebrate for so long as the reward sets like the sun. And other times, the rewards last a lifetime and beyond.

Whenever you give up on your destiny, you might just have to try again in this life, or the next. Maybe, it is that we continue to reincarnate and come back to life until we perfect, ascend, and completely fulfill ourselves from the most finite point of existence to the furthest reaches of infinity, slaying every monster along the way until we eventually transcend challenge itself.

Keep Knocking Open Your Broken Heart


So the pain you feel drives you completely insane, and makes you feel like a small demon is inside the chambers of your heart screaming and scratching at the soft walls with its overgrown black finger nails. What now you ask? Your experience tainted the whole concept of love as a strong cynicism waxes over your once bright mind. Your heart is black. Maybe a rebound might help. Ah yes, if you fuck someone else just like them, then you will be healed. Or perhaps numbed. Oh shit, nothing can seem to stop the feelings.

On the hero’s journey of love, what we sometimes forget is that we would encounter loves darkest challenge. The Universe says, “if you want something really incredible, its not going to be easy, most of the long-term relationships you see are people that settle, and that’s why they last so long and seem so easy. You chose a different path, you’ve got to face the enemy. I will give you enemies that you think are your closest allies. Narcissists offering negative connotation to the title of Prince or Princess. You will have to face them, perhaps many of them, in order to receive the treasure which you truly desire. This is the path of the champion”

Face the pain of the ex. The way it feels that they fuck other people, or became completely enamoured with someone else and jumped ship. The way it feels that they betrayed you, destroyed you, made you truly sick. Get angry, get dark, let fury burn your soul alive, let the pain break you apart. Go right into that feeling of the soft flesh of your heart searing, and the insanity of your mind. No matter how long it takes. On the other side is an even deeper more genuine love than you have ever experienced. All the shitty feelings they brought up, when you go through them, you are welcomed to the integration of their opposite, and the beautiful reflection in your reality when you break through it. The god and goddess you have been waiting for is on the other side of your broken heart.

When I was a young boy, I went to a fancy restaurant with my parents. There was an older man that my family did not know, having dinner with his wife. She was very beautiful, and he was a very sociable person in a way that had a characteristic charm. For some reason our family sat at the table with him. His very presence was a celebration, and I supposed we were naturally drawn to his infectious passion for life. He was fucking cool! He talked to me, and told me something that stood out in my mind, and something I will never forget. He said, “I love my job, and I love my wife. To get my job I kept knocking on the door. They said no, over and over, but I kept knocking. Eventually they said yes. And that’s how I got my wife as well. Just keep knocking, over and over, eventually you get it”.

Keep knocking on the door of love, keep getting your heart broken further and further. Go through that pain, deeper and deeper. Eventually you will knock on the right door, and not the one you find out wasn’t right later on.


Releasing Resistance to Success


Sometimes the word “success” makes me cringe, and I think of a carrot dangling from a string on a stick right in front of our face. Do we ever reach it? Do we become slaves to society by constantly striving for success and a greater image? What if we stopped reaching for something else and learned to accept where we already are? I think that its a wonderful thing, but what growth happens when peace and contentment take precedence as our view of achievement in the future becomes apathetic? Acceptance is very important, but if you want more, why sabotage yourself from the success of achieving great things? Perhaps even the word greatness holds a bitter taste when we feel we might be trying to fill the void of ourselves with something fleeting, or it seems to come from pride and arrogance. I believe though, its okay to want more whether its fleeting or not, and that as important as it is to accept ourselves exactly for where we are, its just as important to allow ourselves our desires to succeed and have the type of life that we want, and our own idea of greatness without having to be greater than others. We don’t have to accept where we are if we truly don’t want to.

When we are disappointed, we are taught to lower our expectations, and perhaps to hope less, and that way it wont hurt as bad when things don’t go our way. We are also taught that wanting things to go our way is childish, so we should be mature and go with the flow and appreciate what we have. God has a bigger plan they say, and sometimes yes, there is a destiny out there for us that we are unaware of, and its good to go with the flow and appreciate what is already here and the beautiful miracles that come into our life that can only come about by the grace and magic of the universe. The thing is though, if you are a visionary, and if you are blazing a new and magnificently glorious trail, it doesn’t always work for you to simply relax into the flow. Sometimes you need to go against the grain. And with this you will encounter one of the most difficult paths. You are going to meet countless disappointments and failures, and it is going to burn. Its going to knock you the fuck down. You might even give up, and enter a state of complete despair and hopelessness as your broken heart reopens and reminds you of all the shit that has gone wrong and hurt you in your life. This is okay, pain is okay, and you might even say it is inevitable when you no longer want to settle for mediocrity. Feel it.

Let the darkness of disappointment completely consume you. Let it bring you to your knees into the pit of despair, and in that place, bring your fire, your heart, and let it fucking explode. Let inspiration light your spirit alive and scream through each and every heartbreak and let down you experience as you reach for something even better than that which you think you have lost or never gained. This is what brings us to a breakthrough into the reality beyond anything that we have dreamed of. Its okay to enjoy where we are, but its also okay to continually move towards grass that is truly is greener, and settle into that growth. If you want Idyllic, you can work for it, and enjoy that work when it comes from inspiration. The universe will back you up, but may seem to be against you for some time until you get the ball rolling. The bigger the dream, the more momentum you will need. It may take a long time, and many let downs. As the work continues on and on, and you relax while efforting, you will then see that you can enjoy and appreciate each and every manifestation as it comes and goes, and  some of the truly delightful manifestations may stay for what seems an eternity and grow with you, as you finally arrive to a reality that feels like home.


Who Can Replace You?


Who can replace you? your beauty? The giant hole you left in my heart? who will replace it? Its not quite the same when I fill it with myself. I’m amazed that I have learnt how to do that, that I can fill my own cup, its a gift that I had no choice but to find, but who is going to fill it the way you did? Who is going to make me feel like I’m with the most beautiful girl in the world. The way I saw you, the way you were.

They better be pretty amazing. They better be exceptional. They better be perfect. I hope they are even better than perfect, and a million times better and more beautiful and unique than you, otherwise, I would be mad at you forever. I would hate you forever. I would be alone forever. How can I replace you?

Once we have found love and lost it, or have simply longed for it, we are challenged to live without it. Within the void, the separation, and the pain, we find something. We learn to fill our own cup. We find the eternal wellspring of source within our selves. It is one of the greatest gifts. Its the magical item the hero retrieves from the dark dungeon. Its amazing. Its as if the seal on the source of infinite creation was pricked with a pin, and its contents unabatedly spew forth from the centre of our inner depth. Then, we can be empty, because we know how to fill ourselves, we can empty ourselves. We can create the space for another to fill us, and we can express and pour the essence from our inexhaustible source into the other. Then, two cups can pour into each other and fill each other interdependently. And as the cups continue to expand to contain the overflowing spring, they grow so large as to combine in inter-being. It is actualized and realized over time, that they were always combined, it had only come to be known.