Who Can Replace You?


Who can replace you? your beauty? The giant hole you left in my heart? who will replace it? Its not quite the same when I fill it with myself. I’m amazed that I have learnt how to do that, that I can fill my own cup, its a gift that I had no choice but to find, but who is going to fill it the way you did? Who is going to make me feel like I’m with the most beautiful girl in the world. The way I saw you, the way you were.

They better be pretty amazing. They better be exceptional. They better be perfect. I hope they are even better than perfect, and a million times better and more beautiful and unique than you, otherwise, I would be mad at you forever. I would hate you forever. I would be alone forever. How can I replace you?

Once we have found love and lost it, or have simply longed for it, we are challenged to live without it. Within the void, the separation, and the pain, we find something. We learn to fill our own cup. We find the eternal wellspring of source within our selves. It is one of the greatest gifts. Its the magical item the hero retrieves from the dark dungeon. Its amazing. Its as if the seal on the source of infinite creation was pricked with a pin, and its contents unabatedly spew forth from the centre of our inner depth. Then, we can be empty, because we know how to fill ourselves, we can empty ourselves. We can create the space for another to fill us, and we can express and pour the essence from our inexhaustible source into the other. Then, two cups can pour into each other and fill each other interdependently. And as the cups continue to expand to contain the overflowing spring, they grow so large as to combine in inter-being. It is actualized and realized over time, that they were always combined, it had only come to be known.



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