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Slaying the Dragon


True difficulty is a son of a bitch. It can suck the spirit of life right out of you, paralyze your advances, and hold you hostage in the prison of loathing. No matter how established you are in a positive state of attraction, difficulty can hide in a dark corner unbeknownst to you, mustering a sequence of events that plunders your meticulously assembled plans with swift and unanticipated attacks. Difficulty is a monster of great power that even the most highly ascended angelic beings would struggle to tame.

Life could be easy. You could put aside the weight on your shoulders and take the easy path as you relax into the comfortable couch of complacency. But, your unfulfilled desires are deeply embedded like the roots of your soul that have existed since the beginning of time. Your true desires vibrate through your bones, blood, and nerves, calling out to you in the subtleties of your thoughts, feelings, and actions with a desperate yearning for realization. Its as if your karma has an elastic cord that you can only walk so far away from until it retracts and snaps you right back to where you started to face an unresolved road block on the path of your destiny.

These challenges aren’t just random shitty things that are out of your control. They are paradoxically designed to propel you forward when they are deciphered and unlocked. They are the guardians of the biblical doors that contain wondrous treasures and invaluable boons. The largest rewards require the largest challenges. Your personal dominance of seemingly insurmountable difficulties temper you into a hardened and effective blade. Your failures materialize into a highly durable plate of armor when you endure and carry on even when you have given up inside. With true and virtuous determination we can eventually receive the sought after and well deserved reward. We experience a beautiful shift, a new level, and the fully enjoyable tension and release of dipping your body in a hot bath of sun kissed divine bliss after an endless battle in the cold and dark corridors of hell. Sometimes we can only celebrate for so long as the reward sets like the sun. And other times, the rewards last a lifetime and beyond.

Whenever you give up on your destiny, you might just have to try again in this life, or the next. Maybe, it is that we continue to reincarnate and come back to life until we perfect, ascend, and completely fulfill ourselves from the most finite point of existence to the furthest reaches of infinity, slaying every monster along the way until we eventually transcend challenge itself.