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Its just the way things are


Sometimes, things don’t go the we way want them to. Sometimes we can fight it, and achieve what needs to be done, but other times, a greater power outside of ourselves exists effecting the circumstances in our life.

Can we control it? Not exactly. Can we live in harmony with it? Yes. Is it okay to feel sad, impatient, or dissapointed? Of Course!

We can make friends, make peace with it. Trust its process. There is an ebb and flow to life… a natural evolution that can’t be rushed.

When you plant a garden, you can fertilize the soil, take care of the weeds, and make sure there is enough water. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t make the process go any faster than it is naturally supposed to. Nature, the universe, has its way, and so do we.

We can accomplish a lot on our own, but we can accomplish far greater things with the aid of the universe, and the universe will aid us when the time is right. The ego desires things instantly, where as the higher self has a relaxed knowing that things come as they will, and that those things will end up working out for the better.

It doesn’t mean to sit back and do nothing, but it means doing nothing to rush it, but acting in accordance with the times. This is the tao, the way. The action of non-action. You will know when to act, it will just happen.

As we work through our roadblocks, unfulfilled desires, and challenges, through the release of their unconscious bind and enantiodromia we become increasingly more conscious of a deep connection and relationship between our higher self, and the universe, and the ease and flow of fulfillment and its respective joy.


Exposing the Artist


Alone in his basement, the artist develops his technique. He learns to express his deepest thoughts and feelings upon a canvas which he has archived, kept secret, and locked away in a stronghold for which a key has been suppressed into its dungeon by his fear.

The fear is the feeling of exposure. The feeling of a spotlight shining brightly upon the naked truth of the artist. He is a full spectrum human, and not everything in his experience is a summer meadow draped in the glorious warmth of the sun. He is real and has become aware of a treacherousĀ field of blood drenched thorns dimly lit by the moon. He has come to learn the depth of his self in all directions through his experience in his life and he is afraid of what others will think of the dark side.

He knows that when he is witness to honesty, he can feel its beauty, its realism, whether its light or dark. It hits him with the most genuine effect, and he doesn’t want to accept anything else into his existence either than that pure authenticity. He feels uncomfortable in the presence of a mask, and he has learned the difference between the expression of truth, and the unconscious complaints or the praise of a plastic happiness. He now looks behind the surface he was once allured by.

He exposes him self, as he has found a deeper acceptance for who he really is. Without reckless abandon, and with self-respect, he feels ready to allow people to think how they want to of him , even if its rejection, judgement, or criticism, because he knows that is necessary in order to allow those that truly connect with him into his life. He is encouraged and utterly motivated by those people. Even if a thousand eyes cant understand him, that one person who can see his truth makes it all worth it, and in time, others begin to step out of the shadows and see each other for their true value and worth.